Classic Car Tour – HD or FD (How does it works?)

After a little briefing to explain how the tour and a classic Fiat 500 works and the signing of the rental contract, each team (driver and passenger) will choose his Classic Fiat 500.

Now everything is ready to start our classic car tour and enjoy this funny driving experience.

Our tour leader car (with the guide and staff on board) will go ahead and the Fiat 500 convoy will follow it.
Nobody will be left behind or lost as our closing car (with our mechanical on board) will take care of them.

During the tour, we will have some short stop to have the opportunity to enjoy the landscape, take photos, or just to stretch legs, and longer break to visit the main attraction of the sicilian area we are turning around.

Choosing a full day Fiat 500 tour, we will also have time for lunch in a charming restaurant, agriturismo or winery and the possibility to taste some Sicilian delicacies.

Customizing of cars with magnet company logo
Photo shoot
Gadget for drivers and passengers (Driver cap, headscarf, t-shirt, etc.)
Welcome drinks and snacks – Food tasting
Bottles of water 50 cl

**Sometimes a tool parking may be required for pick up and drop off.


If you are looking for a funny team building activity for your corporate event, for your coworkers, or for your best clients, then we suggest to add a game or a themed treasure hunt to our classic Fiat 500 tour.

Our games / treasure hunt are an exciting and interactive way to discover Sicily through its history, its food, its people, and fascinating legends and bizarre stories.

Our treasure hunt takes participants through beautiful streets and places where they have to solve a series of tests, answer carefully prepared questions, take photos and perform various tasks using their creativity, orientations skills, good team work, attention to details and time management.

We have a huge range of treasure hunt formats but we can also write games to meet the needs of the client, the location and the goals and objectives of the group.

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  • Mountain bikes
  • Walking tour
  • Boats and fishing tour
  • Cooking class
  • Helicopter tour

Corporate Event and Incentive groups ( up to 24 persons)

Our classic car fleet is made up of 12 classic Fiat 500 coming from sixties and seventies.

We usually suggest to fit a maximum of 2 adults in each classic Fiat 500 ( 1 driver and 1 passengers) so we can comfortably move a number of 24 people at the same time.

Our company is based in Catania near Taormina and Mount Etna so most of our Fiat 500 tours take place in this area of Sicily. However, we offer Fiat 500 tours for groups also in other parts of Sicily.

Over the last years, we have had many occasions, moving our classic Fiat 500 fleet with a car transporter, to organize Fiat 500 tours in the South of Sicily (Ragusa, Siracusa) or in western Sicily (Agrigento, Sciacca, Trapani).

Corporate Event and Incentive groups ( over 24 persons)

For groups that exceed the number of 24 people, usually we suggest to split the group in two or more teams and do different activities at the same time. Activities can be either 1h and half / 2hrs or more long depending on your time and budget.

After more than 15 years of activity in the tourism sector, we have partnered up with a selection of the best tour organizer and food experience companies in Sicily, in Taormina and around Mount Etna area to bring you a day of corporate entertainment like no other.

Whether your clients wish to walk, ride, drive, sail, or cooking around Sicily, we have the contacts and the expertise to make it happen.

We know all the best places where you can eat good local Sicilian food (from cannoli to arancini, from maccheroni alla norma to spaghetti alla marinara) and taste the famous Mount Etna wines.

In order to distinguish the teams we can also provide T-shirts, baseball caps, Sicilian coppola hats, etc., available in different colours and customizable with the logo of the company or event.

A gadget with company logo will also represent a nice souvenir for guests.

So if you want us to organize an event you will never forget, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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