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500 Vintage Tour is famous all over the world and credited by famous newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. This is a collections of articles dedicated to 500 Vintage Tour over the years. Reading this articles you will have the opportunity to get to know not only our classic car company and our Fiat 500 tours but also Sicily and unknown villages like Giardini Naxos, Savoca, Forza d’Agrò e Castelmola.

Giardini Naxos town is a little pearl set in a bay, very appreciated for its climate, well equipped beaches, but also for its nightlife. The seaside promenade is a place where people are accustomed to enjoy the coolness of the sea while eating an ice cream or a having a drink during evening walks. You can also find a large number of restaurants and pizzerias where you can taste the typical dishes of the area. In the night, there is certainly no shortage of bars and clubs to go dancing and then watch the sunrise over the bay.

Savoca is a little artistic town included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. This town gets notoriety in 1972 when it was choosed by the director Francis Ford Coppola  to shoot some scenes of the famous film “The Godfather”. Main scenes were shot in the church of S. Lucia and in the Bar Vitelli, that now exhibits numerous memories of the shooting, including memorabilia and old photos of the film. A small museum worth visiting.

Forza d’Agrò and Castelmola are two small medieval villages built around the ruins of Norman castles. Thanks to its narrow streets, aristocratic buildings, charming churches, and old town centers offer a wonderful medieval and ancient atmosphere. The most important monuments of Forza D’Agrò are the Church of San Francesco, the Churchs of Santissima Annunziata and Santissima Trinità. In Castelmola you can taste the famous sweet almond wine, made with almonds and essence of oranges.

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You can swerve around the Sorrento coast in a state of the art convertible, but for the ultimate Italian road trip you need to tour Sicily in the ultimate Italian icon: a vintage 1960s Fiat 500. Neil Stewart rents a vintage Fiat Cinquecento for a week – hilarious consequences guaranteed. Danilo explained that his company operates a whole fleet of these reconstituted Fiat 500s, and in addition to loaning them out individually, they lead tours around Sicily for larger parties, each paired off into their own Fiat Cinquecentos.

Charming Italy
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To make the most of the romance, hire a classic Fiat cinquecento and drive around the area in traditional Italian style. 500 Vintage Tour offers independent car hire or guided tours, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling.

Bellissima Sicilia
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The hotel had set up a tour around the island in style-each of my friends and I would be driven around in a vintage 500 Fiat. We circled the coastline and climbed the Sicilian hills, stopping in Savoca, a small village where scenes from “The Godfather” had been filmed. Stopping for a cappuccino and a granita at Bar Vitelli, a charming bar which was also featured in the movie, was like stepping directly into the film. - Screenshoot
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Mint bárhol másutt Európában, Szicíliában is Pandák, Matizok, Puntók, Corsák, meg persze Smartok alkotják a bérautós cégek kisautóinak derékhadát. De aki még kisebbre, és valami különlegesre vágyik, az sem marad autó nélkül. A terepjárók bérbeadásával foglalkozó, mellesleg sok földijéhez hasonlóan Cinquecento-kedvelő Antoniónak nagy ötlete támadt. Sok külföldi ügyfele érdeklődött ugyanis a sziget útjain, a városok utcáin még szép számban szaladgáló régi 500-as Fiatok iránt. Össze is szedett a környezetéből néhány többé-kevésbé szép állapotú példányt, amit kellett megjavíttatott, ha kellett újrafényeztetett, és már meg is született a Vintage 500 Tours.
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Sicilië verkennen in een van de meest iconische auto’s ooit in Italië gemaakt, staat hoog op het verlanglijstje van elke italofiel. 500 Vintage Tour biedt een wijnroute langs de Etna aan, waarbij verschillende stops worden gemaakt om van wijn te proeven. Of de “On the Steps of the Godfather” – route die langs de haltes van het verhaal van Don Corleone loopt, waar Francis Ford Coppola de film gemaakt heeft. Voor 149 euro per wagen (er kunnen vier personen in) kun je deze tours maken in een vintage Fiat 500. Je hoeft niet op een landkaart te kijken, maar rijdt in een heus konvooi van oude Fiats achter de gids aan. Wie nog meer vrijheid wil, kan een vintage Fiat 500 huren voor enkele dagen en daarmee op eigen houtje Sicilië verkennen. Via Delicous Italy vind je andere leuke arrangementen.


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transforma orice masa intr-o sarbatoare a
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Taormina si imprejurimile, ti-am rezervat un tur
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